I thought I’d start a series of blogs on the different neighborhoods around town, and why not start with my own neighborhood.

Madison has charm and it’s own unique history. Last week Yazoo Brewing Co. announced that it’s moving up here! 8 minutes from my house! With that news, plus the revival of the Madison Bowling Alley,  growth to this neck of Nashville is moving fast. Madison has built a community of caring people, All Together Madison, that wants to see that growth happen responsibly. The strategic plan evolved through grassroots efforts, aimed at the revitalization Madison. A community meeting last week to go over the plan for the Madison Square Site. A lot of great ideas were presented, and the future looks brighter than ever!

Within the 23 square miles of Madison, you’ll find a little bit of every style home. Around the square you’ll find bungalows with smaller lots, sidewalks, and a newly renovated community center at Madison Park. If you want to spread out, you have the rambling ranches of Neely’s Bend, Due West, or Graycroft. There’s truly a style for everyone.

If you want to chat about Madison or any other neighborhood, call or email me. We can meet up at SideKicks for a coffee, or Dee’s for a beer.


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