So, I had a great response to the Madison Spotlight from a few weeks ago. This time I’m headed a few miles east, over the bridge, to post up at Uncommon Grounds, located in the heart of the Village. This is the go to place to get all the latest news/gossip on what’s what around town. Plus the new mural is amazing!

This area started as a factory town. The DuPont plant set up shop along the Cumberland River back in 1918 as a gun powder plant, and after the War, they continued to build housing for plant workers and their families. This summer marks Old Hickory’s Centennial Celebration!

Old Hickory has been called Nashville’s Best Kept Secret for years. It really does have a ton of charm and amenities. It’s close to the river, has a great community center, post office, library, ballpark, marina and a farmer’s market. And the best part,  it’s all walkable!  And, more walkable restaurants and shops are coming.

As far as housing in the area goes, the plots are smaller, and the majority of the houses are the 1920’s – 1940’s bungalow. Some with basements, some without, but all with their own unique charm.  Here’s an info link about the Historic Homes.  But there’s also some 50’s ranches off Hadley around the ballpark, plus some new construction projects; the Village Green is off of Hadley, and Soldier’s Rest on the corner of Donelson and Bryan St. Both new construction projects are designed to fit in with the style of the community. I’ve had 2 clients buy in the area recently. One a Historic Arlington close to the river, and the other a new construction home in Soldier’s Rest. My first year, I sold a 50’s ranch close to the ball park. This area of town is about 20- 30 minutes from downtown, and has the style and laid back vide that makes Old Hickory a treasured part of what makes living in and around Nashville so amazing.

If you want a copy of the latest neighborhood report, or want to chat about the area, let me know! We can grab a dark roast at Uncommon Grounds. I’m here to help.

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